What is NUBC?

The National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference (NUBC) is an annual event bringing together students and speakers from across the country. It is a celebration of undergraduate research and an opportunity to introduce a new generation of students to the field of bioethics. This two-day event covers issues of current interest within the field of bioethics with discussions led by experts invited by the hosting students. The conference is hosted in the spring.

More than 200 undergraduate students from across the country have attended each of the conferences, which have featured guest speakers, student debates, student essay contests, art exhibits, and film screenings. Topics at previous conferences have included: medical ethics, science in the media, biotechnology-derived products in agriculture, ethics in the penal system, the definition of disability, the nature of personhood, social responsibility, the ‘war’ on drugs, bioterrorism, profiting in the biotechnology and medical support industries, and genetically based mental health.

Hosts have been:  Princeton (1998), University of Virginia (1999), Notre Dame (2000), Emory (2001), Boston University (2002), Texas A & M (2003), University of Michigan (2004), University of Pennsylvania (2005), Notre Dame (2006), Michigan State University (2007), Union College (2008), Harvard University (2009), University of Puget Sound (2010), Duke University (2011), University of Denver (2012) and Georgetown University (2013).


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